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Recently, while in an exam room waiting for results of a test, my eyes were drawn to the computer screen that was scrolling the Core Values of the organization. Respect, Integrity, Justice, Compassion, Service. 

 As I waited, these words scrolled over and over! I assume that every computer screen in the facility had this same background when not being used to document patient care. They were drilling these core values into the minds of the employees. 

Respect – We honor the sacredness and dignity of every person, treating people with dignity and fairness.

Integrity – We are faithful to who we say we are, to the fundamental beliefs of the organization and to the principles that dictate behavior and action. Trust and honesty are valued.

Justice – We foster right relationships to promote the common good.  

Compassion – We stand with and serve those who are poor, especially those who are the most vulnerable. We are committed to meeting the needs of others.

Stewardship – We honor our heritage and hold ourselves accountable for all entrusted to our care; human resources, financial resources and natural resources. It includes doing completely what is supposed to be done, when it is supposed to be done, taking pride in excellence.

If each local church, as an organization, would adopt and apply this mantra - respect, integrity, justice, compassion, stewardship - would our corporate impact on society be greater?

Later, I went to the institution’s website, and found that they also have five core customer service values. Empathy, Patience, Passion, Persistence, Desire to Improve. These spoke to my heart more on a personal level, not as an employee of an organization, but as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Empathy – Do I try to place myself into the shoes of those who are hurting and in need, or do I glance at the need and pass on by?

Patience - Am I willing to slow down in my busy world, and wait for those who are struggling to catch up? Do I display an edgy restlessness with those in need?

Passion – Can others see that what excites me most is serving Jesus? Our passion is what motivates us to keep going. It was attributed to Confucius as having once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If you truly love Jesus, serving Him will be the greatest joy of your life, not drudgery. Others will be able to see that passion, that deep excitement! 

Persistence – We will meet opposition, and storms of life will come. When they come, will I be diligent in continuing to do what is expected of me in spite of the difficult circumstances? There may be long dark tunnels to go through. Will I be faithful so that I can emerge on the other side victoriously?

Desire to Improve- During a survey process, they are looking for inconsistencies. Surveyors have a list of final rules that dictate how a program or facility is to be run. The survey results show areas of non-compliance with the rules. 

 Spiritually, the Bible is our final rule book. If the survey process (God shining His spotlight) shows deficiencies in our spiritual walk, do we have a desire to improve, to be drawn closer to Him?

We can learn wonderful lessons from core values and customer service values. It might be very beneficial for each church to sit down with your mission statement, or core values, and review them. 

 We all need to be reminded of who we are and why we exist as an organization. Corporate or personal goals will not be obtained if we don’t do a periodic review of them. 
I am asking Jesus to help me show respect to everyone; be who I say I am; foster right relationships; be genuinely compassionate to those in need; be a good steward of everything God has entrusted into my care; put myself in others’ shoes; be patient even though I may be feeling rushed; let my passion for serving Jesus flow out from my heart so it is more visible to others; never give up on people; never give up in the midst of life’s storms and always seek ways to be more like Jesus.  

Focusing on these things will be a full time job for me! My prayer is that Jesus will help each one to take inventory of our thoughts, words and deeds, and then take action to become the best we can be for His glory!

Submitted by
Ruth Nichols

Sis. Ruth Nichols, wife of Conference President Rev. Don Nichols, has been a Pastor's wife for 41 years, and has a true heart for those in Ministry.  You will love her insights as she draws from her many years in pastoral work.  
She is the mother of 3 children, and is also a registered nurse.

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