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Announcing Upcoming Conference Events:
by Webmaster on 4/28/15

Ministerial Convention (View Announcement HERE)

Pilgrim Youth Camp  (View Announcement HERE)

Pilgrim Family Camp (View Announcement HERE)

IMPORTANT Announcement Regarding Conference Memorials:
by Webmaster on 4/29/15
​Nancy Grissom would appreciate it SO much if you would get your memorials to her as early as possible this year . . . (Preferably by email, but you could bring them to Ministerial which is next week)

Her email address is: nanj76@hotmail.com

Thank you!

by Webmaster on 5/1/15
​The "Bible Bowl" questions for PYC 2015 can be viewed by visiting the Pilgrim Youth Camp page HERE

by Webmaster on 5/17/15
​Rev. Harold Jackman has served as pastor of the St. Marie, IL PHC for 51 years, and will be turning 90 yrs of age NEXT WEEK!
We'd like to shower him with Birthday cards congratulating him on reaching this milestone!

His Birthday is on May 25th. Please address cards to:
Rev. Harold Jackman
1153 Gilead Ln.
Sumner, IL 62466