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A Special Message and Appeal for the Anderson Camp Property:
by Webmaster on 8/21/14
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends of the Pilgrim Holiness Camp for the spiritual and financial support that you have given over the years. From our very beginning, it has been my conviction that our Pilgrim people needed to have a place to call "home". We continue to have many reports of precious memories of events at the old Anderson Camp. 


A gentleman representing an entity, contacted me inquiring how much we owed on the grounds and what the interest rates were. We shared with him that we had two loans to an institution and one loan to a family trust. Interest rates were from 6% to 7%. The gentleman said he thought his group could help us. In the weeks that followed, the result was a consolidation loan of $430,000.00 with payments of $3,180.66 @ 4% interest for 15 years. This is saving us thousands of dollars.


Since our Camp, over $4500.00 has come in for the Anderson Camp Ground which will be doubled because of the above matching funds commitment. The Lima, Ohio Pilgrim's children raised well over a thousand dollars during their VBS! 

Pastors, Delegates, members and friends of the Pilgrim Holiness Camp - Please find ways to help us as quickly as you can. Remember, your gift will be doubled! Will you join Sister Southerland and I in helping us achieve this goal?

During a recent visit to one of our first organized Conference churches, upon inquiring about the Camp Ground development progress, an old saint burst into tears saying "I'm afraid I'm going to die before we have our first camp on the new grounds in Anderson." Let's see the Lord hasten the day of our first camp on the property thru our giving and His blessing.  

Thank You,
  Rev. James A. Southerland, Sr. 

2014 Ministers & Wives Retreat:
by Webmaster on 9/18/14

The twenty-eighth Ministers and Wives Retreat will be held at Crest Haven Family Center near Oblong, Illinois. 
The dates are October 16,17 and 18. Please share this letter with ministers/missionaries/song evangelists of your congregation.

On Thursday evening the activities will begin at 6:30 P.M. Illinois time, which is one hour behind most of us. They will continue thru breakfast and clean up on Saturday morning.

  1. The cost is 30.00 per couple. The cost has been increased due to the high cost of food. Please pay upon arriving at Retreat. DO NOT send me the money in advance. 

2. You can call, send a Face Book text message or email me with your reservations as soon as possible so I will know how to plan meals and purchase food. My phone numbers and email address are at the bottom of this letter.

3. Each couple is to bring a dessert and any kind of snack food. I have observed many prefer fruit, salty snacks, dips, cheese balls and veggie trays etc. Also bring a 2 liter drink, iced tea or lemonade etc. If you home made jellies, jams or apple butter we would appreciate you bringing some to be used with our meals.

4. Bring your own bedding. You may need to bring a small electric heater if the weather is predicted to be cool.

5. There are RV spaces available.

6. Bring your fishing equipment if you would like to fish in the near by lake.

Fun activities are being planned. Should you have something fun you would like for our group to do, bring your idea(s) and share with me or Leanne. Bring board games, corn hole, etc.
Ladies if you have good used family clothing or other items you like to bring to sell at our indoor yard sale, feel free to bring them. Make sure they are clearly priced. You keep whatever money you make from your own sale.

Soups and sandwiches will be prepared and ready upon your arrival Thursday evening. I am hoping everyone is able to come by 6:30 Illinois time so we can eat together. If you cannot be there at that time you can still eat when you arrive. 

We will have our devotional time on time Friday morning after breakfast. This is always a special time.  
See you at Retreat!
Sis. Leach 

Home phone # 812-265-4158 Cell Phone # 812-599-1605 email rleach1962@gmail.com

Crest Haven address 7590 E Hershey Lane Claremont, IL 62421
Phone # 618-869-2132

REMINDER---We all know that children are a blessing from the Lord, but please remember, this is an ADULT function. Nursing babies are an exception and may be brought. Thanks for your understanding.