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Exciting Report from the Lima PHC:
by Webmaster on 7/28/14
(by Stephanie Burley)
I wanted to share something that may be an inspiration and motivation for other PHC churches and children's ministries.

Lima PHC had its VBS a couple of weeks ago, and we decided ahead of time that the offerings would go toward the matching campground fundraiser. I didn't realize how quickly this would catch on with the kids. The idea of their money being doubled was really cool to them, and they worked hard and emptied their pockets and piggy banks.

We like to think that our VBS is super exciting with great props, nightly dramatic presentation, amazing snacks and crafts, but this offering was the highlight of each evening. The hotly contested girls against boys competition made it even more of a challenge. In the end, the girls won three nights and the boys also won three.

The part that was most exciting was that our offering total was $1,019.38!
Double it, and our campground is that much closer to hosting these children who worked hard to make it happen.

Thank you to the generous person who is matching these funds. You lit a fire under the Lima PHC kids, and we hope other churches will get their kids involved as well!